Course Description

Teaches you build rapport with anyone more quickly. Learn to identify and match the communication home base of the other person. Specific examples of Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic,and Digital communicators and how to approach them. Learn how you are miscommunicating 75% of the time and how to fix that. Learned the questions to ask that will get your prospects, giving you the words to use to close them in just 4 sentences as they think it was their own idea to buy without pressure.


Thomas Caddy

National Marketing Associates, Inc, started training for companies in 1983. We have trained thousands of students since that time. Many of our students have received job promotions, large sales increases and are still using the skills learned from the trainings because they work. These same skills have helped our students build strong relationships with their family and loved ones.

Course curriculum

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    Complete Audio

    • Sales Mastery - Complete

    • SalesMastery_Track01

    • SalesMastery_Track02

    • SalesMastery_Track03

    • SalesMastery_Track04

    • SalesMastery_Track05

    • SalesMastery_Track06

    • Sales Mastery Manual

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    Hand Chart

    • Hand Chart Diagram

    • How To Use The Hand Chart